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Kaci discovered a fun supportive environment!

Signing up for Motiv8 was one of the best decisions that I have made since moving to Austin. I truly enjoy waking up every morning to put in an epic workout with the wonderful Motiv8 campers and Coach Ty. So many aspects of Motiv8 keep me coming back day after day. The workouts are fun, challenging, and always different. The people who work out with Motiv8 are amazing. They are so much fun to be around (laughter is almost as guaranteed as a muscle burn), keep me accountable, and push me to do my best during each workout.

Coach Ty’s passion for improving others’ lives is contagious. He is always armed with advice about nutrition or exercise, helps us define goals to work toward, and is ready to give us the motivation we need to conquer our day. He provides us with all of the tools we need to be successful, we just have to show up to camp, work hard, and soak it all in. For all of these reasons, Motiv8 has created an atmosphere that is so welcoming, fun (and competitive if we want it to be), supportive, and always positive. I never once felt like I was alone in trying to conquer my goal of getting fit.

Now, almost a year out from starting Motiv8 classes, I almost never miss a weekday workout, have adopted a cleaner diet, and am starting to run for fun. As a result, I have lost some weight, gained muscle, and feel great! My mood has improved, my productivity at grad school has increased, and I have the motivation to go out and try new epic things (like running my first marathon). Being a part of the Motiv8 community has helped improve my quality of life and inspired me to take action toward becoming the person I want to be.


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