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Julia found her confidence and her community!

I'm 35 and have spent years trying to achieve somesense of health or self or some sense of control over my life. So I spent some time chatting with my Coach Joe and I started realizing that if nothing changes, nothing can change. What I really wanted from myself was to be strong and confident in my own body. I knew I had to do several things: 

  1. Be consistent: show up everyday, try, and push myself daily 
  2. Treat my body like a tool: eat right, drink lots of water, stretch and not be disappointed if I couldn't do something yet. 
  3. Accept where I was at the moment: self acceptance was huge for me, realizing where I was, pointed me in the direction to where I wanted to go. 

Once I knew what I wanted to do I started looking for inspiration and got to work. I made it a mission to get my 4 SETS in a week, eating healthy and clean, and started listening to Joe's tips of the day and trying to incorporate that into my daily life, the results are amazing! I started feeling better, more relaxed, less anxiety and most importantly stronger. That's not to say that it suddenly was easy because it wasn't, old habits die hard and I'm no exception. But what I think helped push through those really hard moments, those dreaded plateaus was the community I had surrounded myself with. My fellow Motiv8ers are truly my heroes, we've created a community that truly embraces who we are and encourages what we are capable of. The accountability and responsibility to be the person that my friends know I can be has helped shape me to be a better person, I'm
forever thankful.

Along with my 4 SETS a week (Zilker 8am), I've also been utilizing their running program. With Coach Joe's and Coach Ty's help I've gone from not really being able to run a 5k to running a 30k. Both coaches have also helped me reshape my nutrition habits, going from a day full of processed foods and snacking, to a day of fresh whole foods that help fuel me for my workouts and help me recover as well.

As a result so far with Motiv8 I've lost 10lbs, gone from a size 12 to about a size 8-10, I've improved my mile time from around 9:30 mins to 7:40 mins. I've also established a close knit support system that I know I can rely on for Motiv8-tion, support, or just people to hang out with. I couldn't recommend these guys enough!

Julia Howell

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