Interval Training

Our strength and endurance training gives you maximum results with minimal time investment.

Interval Training Proven to Work

HIIT training stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It is an exercise methodology that uses short periods of intense bouts of exercise mixed with lower-intensity recovery periods or "active recovery".

Typically a HIIT workout will consist of a warmup followed by no longer than 30 minutes of high- and low-intensity mixed intervals. Afterward, cooling down and stretching is vital for reducing soreness and shortening of muscle fibers that leads to injury.

In several studies, HIIT has been shown to provide similar benefits as "steady state" training using much less time. Subjects using HIIT training just 3 times per week were found to have achieved similar gains to those who trained 5 times per week using other methods. Larger overall gains in VO2 Max (a common marker for cardiovascular health) have also been observed.

Our indoor HIIT training features a station format with functional equipment, short strength building intervals and stationary cardio, while our outdoor bootcamp-style HIIT training incorporates more body weight exercises and running intervals. Both are effective at delivering results fast!

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